What is duratrans? What are its features?

Duratrans is basically a polyester based display film. Because of its unique composition, makeup, and manufacturing process, it makes it easy for the signage boards to put in detailed and effective graphics so that an appealing image can be captured to the audience. This effect especially works in illuminating sings to give it an apparent and effective graphical image. The duratrans printing gives a milky appearance and translucent diffusion layer into the material.

Well, the question arises into the people minds are that why to use duratrans rather than choosing other materials?
The answer to it is that durations printing allows the light to pass through it in a very finely disperse effect. Therefore, it cleverly illuminates and helps to appeal the graphical display. However here are some of the reasons why duratrans results are so high yet so effective:
• It gives better resolution: duratrans printing provides high imaging process that yields digital resolution which us up to 1200dpi. It also allows giving true solid colors in the edge, detailed graphical interface, and crisper edges.
• Saturation: duratrans provide high color rendering which gives higher potential in-depth and saturation, which no other solution can do.

• Color life: the life expectancy of duratrans printing is exceptionally higher than any other pigmented based, inkjet process and dye based printing.
• Dot size: Pixel size of duratrans printing process is similar to the stochastic screening. The results are smoother and provide photographic artwork and color transitions.
• Opacity: opacity is known as an ability which allows the block transmissive light to process through it. It provides a noticeable artwork, which allows the light to pass through it effectively so that an illuminating display can be projected.
Well, these are the reason why one should go for duratrans printing as it will give a magical display.