Basics details of Virotherapy

Virotherapy is one of the various approach used in the treatment of melanoma. Melanoma is an aggressive form of skin cancer that comes in different stages. This disease have been known to claim the lives of thousands of people every year and as such erratic measures must be carried out as soon as you are diagnosed with this disease, to enable a much more effective treatment. The adoption of this therapy for the treatment of disease has been recently seen to be one of the best and most effective form of treatment as it is also often adopted even after the use of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, because of its direct and specific approach.

Virotherapy also entails the use oncolytic virus therapy which involves introduction of a virus to the body and these viruses attack the cells that are cancerous, penetrating into these cells and killing them and also acting as an immune system initiator to prompt the response of the immune system. The cancerous cell would mostly make the area in which they exist suppress the activities of antibodies that fight diseases by either secreting substances that suppress their attack or even forming bodies around their self that makes it difficult for the antibodies to penetrate.
The introduction of a virus during virotherapy not only kills off the cancerous cells but also brings the antibodies back to life or rather make them now effective by modifying the area that was made to be non susceptible to the antibodies to now be opened to attack by them and therefore making sure that the antibodies which makes up the immune system can now effectively fight the cancerous tumor. Virotherapy is progressive and might take some time to start seeing significant changes even though you might see some change at the beginning, a significant change might be a bit later and it also has no side effects.