How stab proof vest is working effectively?

There are some important things that one needs to know necessarily about the stab proof vest. The first thing is that no stab vest is impenetrable. This is the reason why amour of the body is referred to as bullet-resistant rather than it as a proof. All the armor of the body is having an ability of being penetrated by all kinds of weapons. It might be because of the old or damaged vest or might also be due to wrong protection level worn. All kinds of stab vest are offering a person an additional lifesaving protection that one is no having by its own. The vest proof is resistant to the penetration from an edged weapon like sharp objects or knives. The design of it is allowing a person in protecting the body from getting punctures from the pointed weapons or through sharp blades

Stab proof vest is made up of material named as Kevlar. It is a synthetic fiber with highly tensile strength, thus makes itself ideal choice for our body. It was introduced several years back, and it has proven itself to be one of the strongest materials available across the world. Kevlar is actually used for making the stab proof and bullet proof vests. As the Kevlar fiber is strong, the level of protection is increased when a person wears fiber very much tightly for creating a protective barrier. The tightly wearing of it makes too much difficult for a weapon able to penetrate material as too much of force is needed to penetrate via material.

When a person tries stabbing an individual wearing the vest proof using a sharp thing, it gets caught into the fiber, slipping through a material. The sharp edge is not bale in penetrating the flesh as it has caught in the Kevlar wearing. If in case the stab proof vest gets old or damaged, you need to buy the new one to ensure the high level of safety.