How fast fashion has taken over the fashion industry

Fast fashion has spread sporadically in the last few years to the point where it is competing with the global economy. Fast fashion is the same as fast food. This is a product that is suitable, addicting, cheap to buy and can easily be found anywhere around the globe. Fast fashion is so popular that companies that produce these clothes are opening retail stores almost every month across the globe and employing hundreds of thousands of people. Fast fashion has been taking over in recent years because customers have always driven this business model. According to Ariane Slinger, the fast fashion industry started off slowly as an outsider.

This industry was introduced to consumers as a way of making the middle-class more fashionable. Once consumers bought into the concept of fast fashion, the industry turned from being fringe endeavor into a leader in the general fashion industry. Today, top society brands are struggling to maintain their market presence due to the fact that fast fashion items are the same to what they are producing and consumers with untrained eyes view them as the same. Furthermore, fast fashion products according to Ariane Slinger are produced in mass and cost a small fraction of the price of fashion products designed by top society brands.
It is actually challenging to compete with a $5 t-shirt when most established brands have traditionally counted on being voguish with upscale design and production of fashionable clothes and providing high quality services. Generally, fast fashion has captured the entire fashion market. One contributing factor is that the current culture has encouraged people to dispose everything. In fact, anything that can easily be disposed is more marketable, easily accessible and efficient. According to Ariane Slinger, a person does not want to pay $50 for a dress if the person can get 5 similarly designed dresses for $10 each and dispose the dresses one at a time.