Sachs has the Best Designing and Manufacturing Process

The sachs performance is guaranteed by sophisticated machines and deft manpower that is the signature and hallmark of Sachs. Each component is manufactured in a way that speaks highly of its commitment towards delivering the best clutches in the world so that drivers of all types can enjoy the best ride possible. Racing cars generally employ Sachs clutches and it is very important in them to get the adequate strain bearing capacity so that there is no downtime in replacing a faulty clutch during a race. Precision is guaranteed in them by the people who conduct the designing and manufacturing processes. The best tools and equipments are there that help in delivering the world’s best clutches. Some features worth the mention are discussed here.

• Best equipment and calculations are used – Newest CAE equipment like 3D designing from Pro-Engineer is used by the professionals at Sachs for designing a performance clutch. Apart from it, Finite-Element-Method (FEM) calculation is also employed for making configurations for each type of application. All major components including the Diaphragm Spring is designed and produced by Sachs due to which a driver can expect to get the best of clutch for a car.
• Assembling is completely done by hand – The clutch kit at Sachs is completely assembled by hand by the people who produce them at their factories. This ensures that a person can exactly understand the clamping stress and the release parameters that are very essential for a high precision clutch that can be used in the harshest of environments. It also talks highly of its commitment towards customer satisfaction and value that the clutch can deliver to a customer. Different vehicle models may need different stress bearing capacity and that is the versatility of Sachs.
Clutches can be used by different people in different ways and the company ensures that everyone is benefitted by using their world class product.