How to Get Your Chat BoT to do more Personalized Responses

Make your facebook bot, without writing even a single line of code. Amaco helps you integrate chat not very simply to your Facebook account without hassle. You can build chat not by just filling out simple form, that would get your Facebook bot ready to work. Create an account with Amico.oi and simply, fill the form you see on the screen. Fill in your face book ID, and your Facebook verification Token. In filling the other menu, to input the responses for your Facebook Bot or anticipated user text. Here is how to make it a more personalised BoT response.

You can get your Facebook Bot to respond , hello, hola, hey,Howdy, at different times to different people by simply making it do so. When you go to youryouot builder” section, click on ” “send text” another drop down menu comes up, now click on ” send dynamic short code”. a box will appear, where you fill in your dynamic short code. Place what you want to say in between these text. ” [Random- Text]- words – [/Random- Text]. Type words in between like hola, hey, Howdy. Ensure you type the words in its own line. You can also use user information to personalize it better. For Example, you type in- between the random text text such as ” Hey [First_Name] !
Dont forget to keep each entry on its on line. you can use this simpler method. Writing inbeween such as this;
[Random- Text]
[Yo | Hey | Hola | Sup] [First_Name]!
[/Random- Text]
With this your User is responded to with Hey or Yo or Sup ,his first name. This is more personalized and quite simple. So it feels more user friendly and personalized, than direct answers to queries.