Your Favourite Jay Critch Mixtape Album Cover Art

From a customer’s perspective, when it comes to album cover design, it is fairly easy to consider the fact that from a design standpoint, the artwork is the attention grabber or the spotlight of a published music. From time to time, both artist and composers alike is having a hard time contemplating and pondering on what he album cover art is going to be themed on. Hence a graphics designer is hired in order to rectify the problem and help the artists and composers achieve their perfect album cover art with easy and without any unnecessary knowledge in graphic design.

A YouTube channel named Mixtape Monopoly had recently posted a video regarding the process of designing a Custom Mixtape Cover and also a tutorial onhow to make an album cover. The channel is from a website called which provides the service of designing a custom mixtape cover that starts from a mixtape cover design price list service, as low as 100 USD for a Basic Mixtape cover. The title of the video is Custom Mixtape Cover Design | Jay Critch. In the video, the graphic designer goes a step by step process on how mixtape cover are made from raw photos.
The software used for this specific task is Photoshop CC, asoftware that is compact. The graphics designer first starts of by selecting a few raw photos of Jay Critch and some other background photos. Then, he crops the Jay Critch photo using a polygonal marquee tool and deletes the original background and replaces it with a white 4×4 background that serves as a blank canvas. He then proceeds to add the scenery background and some interesting typographies on the word “Jay Critch” and etc. Finally, after adding the small money effects, he then does a retouch on the cover to make it more appealing.