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Our Downtown hotels map includes many excellent Washington DC area hotel choices found in this popular area. Our maps will help you stay near/close to many of the popular Washington DC sightseeing attractions including, Downtown DC, Airports, National Mall, US Capitol, Pentagon, Georgetown and others.

You can link directly to any hotel page to check pricing, room and property amenities, and availability by clicking on the hotel map marker next to the name of the hotel. We also offer a list of all Washington DC hotels, and other Washington DC area hotel maps. See the links to these map pages below. Our hotel reservation rates are among the best available on the Internet; they are offered via the Hotels.com network.

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Note: This map does not reflect all the Downtown hotels in Washington DC, just the hotels that participate in our highly-discounted rate program. Also, the Washington DC hotel locations on this map are approximate. Some have been adjusted to improve the readability of the map page. No liability is assumed for the property locations presented here. Your feedback is welcome, email us at maps@mustseewashingtondc.com.

Arlington Virginia-Reagan Airport | Dulles Airport-Virginia
Greater DC Maryland | Greater DC Virginia | Downtown DC

List of All Washington DC Area Hotels

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Popular Attractions
US Capitol Building
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Smithsonian Air-Space Museum
Lincoln Memorial
National Mall
Arlington National Cemetery
Mount Vernon Estate
Washington Monument

Featured Hotels
L'enfant Plaza Hotel
   Walk (.4 mi) to Smithsonian
 • Sofitel Lafayette Sq.
   Bold interiors/unstuffy appeal,
   close to White House
 • The Churchill Hotel
   Historic character, 3 blocks to
   DuPont Circle


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