Know About Carrageenan Cancer

As discussed in the previous article that what is carrageenan. It is the biological product extracted from the red seaweeds. The main location of this specie is islands, which are supportable for its survival. As carrageenan is living specie so it definitely need suitable conditions for its survival. The most suitable conditions for this species are found in the islands of Philippines. Philippines are the largest market for this product. The islands of Philippines are full of carrageenan. Because of the increasing demand of carrageenan in world market the Philippines market has started to explore this specie more commonly now. Over 80% of the total carrageenan is produced by Philippines. China and Japan are the main exporter of this product. They usually export this product to Europe and America. The modern methods of scientists have led this product to be used in production of various kinds of market products. It is used in making various industrial products like shampoos, toothpastes, sauces, beers, lubricants and a lot of other products. This product is really important for preparation of these products.

Is carrageenan bad? A lot of users of carrageenan ask this question. Carrageenan side effects are the simple answer of this question. After research, it has been observed that when this product is taken by a human being as an edible thing then this product causes many health problems. It damages the gastro-genital tract of human body. It also causes inflammation which in return gives disease like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson`s. both are very dangerous disease for human nervous system. Carrageenan cancer is also caused by this product.
Overall, carrageenan is helpful product for the industries because of its many scientific properties. Especially the property of stabilizing makes it a useful product for stability of other compounds. But on the other side, it also has some disadvantages for human health.