Down on the farm with Hay Day

Hay Day is a brand new farming game programmers of Facebook, for iOS from Supercell -established MMO. The game intends to make available a notably different take on the tired, predictable farming music genre.

In, players are presented with their in-game uncle’s rundown old farm and therefore are tasked with selling products, rearing animals and bringing it to the current age by growing crops. While the subject is quite traditional, the performance, focus on touch and creation chains -friendly interface set Hay Day Cheats apart from its competitors that are numerous — and on top of this, the demo is superb, also.

The largest change to the traditional farm game convention of hay Day comes in just how it’s commanded. Rather than constantly exploiting on things (and, optionally, expending energy for the privilege of doing so), Hay Day instead uses a “swipe-based” interface whereby players delegate on the item they’d like to socialize with and then swipe a tool over all the examples they’d want to make a move with. By way of example, when picking harvests, pull and players only need to tap a sickle tool over each of their fields to pick them in an issue of seconds — there’s no delegating for waiting and unneeded bars to that are progress fill here.

Another spin on the formula comes in the manner all the components interact with one another of the farm. Rather than all produce being treated as “cash crops,” instantly turning into money the second it’s picked, harvests and animal products go right into a person ‘s storage. The player then has several distinct choices for what to do together using hay day hack. They are able to be sold straight to characters who come going to the player’s farm; they may be utilized with particular buildings to produce more state-of-the-art products (milk from a cow could be turned into cream, as an example); they may be sold to other players; or they may be used to fulfil orders.